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Catalysing globally-minded startups: the key for Australian job creation (By Dr Peter Beven)

Entrepreneurship is the ‘lifeblood of the economy’, as has been proven in the example of the US start-up scene. In fact, a 2010 study conducted by the Kauffman Foundation showed that without start-ups there would have been no new net job creation in the US economy since 1977! [1] Just think of the implications of this for one minute. Another well-documented fact is the disruption faced by a range of traditional industries. This is leading to a redistribution of industry revenues across geographic borders to an extent never seen before. Only 14% of Fortune 500 companies that existed in 1955...


Startup Weekend SF ’14: Team YES CHEF!

Wow, what a weekend. The following post is about team Yes, Chef!‘s journey over Startup Weekend San Francisco 2014. A narrated, voice-controlled recipe reading app, that was actually a shipped product on the Google Play Store by Sunday morning! Read below for more. On Friday morning, the Startup Catalyst crew learned about Lean Startups with Mike Bestvina – where we really consolidated everything we’ve been told from 4 days of panel talks, meet-ups, and discussions! The afternoon was dedicated to pitching practice, and at 6pm Startup Weekend San Francisco 2014 officially kicked off. There were 60 initial ideas were pitched (every Aussie in the room pitched!...


Day 3: Twitter (Original post by Andrew Joy)

2Twits in San Fran Posted on 21st November 2014 by Andrew Joy [This post originally appeared on 2Bit Studios  and has been reposted with permission] Another day another lesson learned, this time from Jinen Kamdar of Twitter. Jinen Kamdar In his 5 years at Twitter (he joined when they ‘only’ had 100 staff), and his time spent on startups beforehand, he’s seen it all. Now a Product Manager leading two teams of world-class developers, he was happy to share his hard earned insights with us. At Twitter they work in small groups; 3,000 people would make for an interesting sprint meeting. The...