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A university’s role in an emerging startup community and other conversations

I’m Rosie Odsey and I interviewed Rowena Barrett from QUT in late August 2018. A quick note: My words are in italics. Rowena’s are in regular font. Headings, hyperlinks, and images have been added for effect but the words are ours.   Meet Professor Rowena Barrett Professor Rowena Barrett is Head of the School of Management in QUT’s Business School. Anyone within the school will tell you that she is super approachable, but outside of the university people just think of her as QUT’s ambassador. She’s known for her awesome tweet game and for being at every event in the city but people...


Engaging with the startup community: in conversation with Reece Walker and William McCullough

We got in touch with Reece Walker and William McCullough, two lawyers from McCullough Robertson, to chat about their journeys. We talked about how startups have changed over the last few years, what support has meant to them, Startup Catalyst missions and their impact, as well as ways to get involved in the startup community. In Conversation with Reece and Will We had a conversation with Reece and Will and what you’ll see below is a summary of that conversation. We thought we’d briefly introduce them first for some context before launching into the good stuff. Meet Reece Walker Reece Walker is...