Author: Tommi Sullivan


Day 3: Runway

Next to the twitter entrance in a massive building lies a competitive incubator called Runway.   Runway has an area in the building with 30,000 square feet of space for people to work in. In my opinion it is called runway because there is a wide “runway” for the walking area like in the picture.     This Incubator has large companies sponsoring them, which helps out with contacts and other methods to improve technology faster.   Joe Vasquez, the organiser of Runway, gave us the first presentation. He gave us insightful information on what Runway does for the startups...


Day 1: Startup House

Hidden behind what looked like a bar door was an entirely new startup safe zone.   The Co-founder of Startup House, Elias Bizannes, made great use of the interior space. The first large room we stepped into consisted of work areas for people to build on their startup projects. While the second and third floors housed multiple bunk beds where budding entrepreneurs could stay whilst paying below average rent prices.     Bizannes spoke of how he first got involved in the startup industry by founding Startup Beach in Australia. He couldn’t be ignored when he began sending emails to...