Author: Kaitlyn Sapier


My “WTF” Moment

Mark Johnson, the previous CEO of SkyPilot Networks (later acquired), blew my mind on the second day of our trip and introduced our group to the startup ‘”WTF” moment’. His belief was that every truly successful startup had a moment in which a user would experience a WTF moment – when they were struck with what the tech or company offered and how it was going to change their life. Similarly, a WTF moment could be an extreme juxtaposition to what you would expect in any given situation or experience. My moment occurred a few days later. I had tried to organise a meeting...


Pre-Trip Jitters

It’s the day before we get on a plane bound for San Francisco; typing that sentence gave me goosebumps. I am beyond excited for the trip – one of our Youth leaders, Colin, recently sent through the Program Schedule and all the places marked out that we will be visiting. It’s gearing up to be an intense two weeks. I’m most excited for Startup Weekend, which is on the 5th day of the trip. For this event we’ll be travelling to Santa Cruz, but as Peter, our other Youth Leader, has advised, we will not be spending it at their...