Author: Alex Ghiculescu


Day 8: Frisbees, Bitcoins, and San Mateo Superheroes

After the enormousness of Startup Weekend the last few days (blog post for that is coming soon, I’m assured), today was a bit of a rest day. It started with a great sleep in, to the extent that quite a few people missed breakfast. By 11, most of us had made it onto the bus, ready to make the short trek to San Mateo. San Mateo is a beautiful little city of about 100,000 people, about half an hour south of where we were in downtown San Francisco. We parked next to a little park in the middle of town,...


One week to go!

It’s a bit crazy to think that in just over a week’s time we’ll be touching down in San Francisco. I’m already bracing myself for the (relatively cold) weather. The most exciting aspect of the trip, for me, is the fact that SF is such a hub of activity in our space. Nowhere else in the world can compare. To get a feel for how much awesome technology is packed in there, I took a quick poll around the office for various software/services that we use every day. Most of them were in within a pretty small radius, and I...