We’re heading to Israel with 11 agtech companies

The first Startup Catalyst Mission to Israel is about to take off from Brisbane on 5th August for 7 days on the ground in Tel Aviv.

The mission is being funded by Advance Queensland, who have sponsored flights and accommodation for 11 Queensland-based agtech companies, chosen from a competitive online selection process.  The 11 companies spread across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns, and Outback Queensland, and cover a broad range of digital, hardware and bio technology products and services. Startup Catalyst is leading the mission, and a representative from the Queensland Government will also be attending.

The mission is being designed and delivered by Austrade via the Australian Landing Pad in Tel Aviv. The schedule includes meetings, briefings, and workshops with the Australian Landing Pad, SOSA, the Australian Embassy, Government officials, PepsiCo and other multinationals, as well as social and networking events.

AgrihiveLongreacha tool that gamifies data entry and provides meaningful and tailored financial reports for farmers
Bioproton Pty LtdBrisbanea wide range of animal feed products such as Natuzyme, Natubind, Natufactant, Natupro and Natuwash
BlockgrainGold Coastan automated commodity platform which integrates analysis, storage, logistics and trading
Ceres TagBrisbanea smart ear tag for remote identification, location, health monitoring, traceability and virtual fencing of animals
Hydrox Technologies Pty LtdBrisbane“Solar Shrink” is a plastic mulch film for the horticultural, row crop market that uniquely shrinks in the sun
IoT Australasia Pty Ltd ta Water SaveCairnsWater Save uses IoT moisture sensors and gateways to alert farmers the moment a paddock is sufficiently irrigated.
MOVUSBrisbaneFitMachine (the Fitbit® for Machines) a globally unique solution to machine condition monitoring, delivered as a service
Nexgen Plants Pty LtdBrisbanenon-GM breeding approach (patent at PCT) that can introduce disease resistance, production, and consumer traits into economically important crops
Scout Aerial Media and SurveyingBrisbaneRemote sensing and Machine learning algorithms for crop defect detection, yield assessment, disease/weed identification
Sustainable Organic Solutions Pty LtdBrisbanea range of microbial and organic fertiliser products suitable for greenhouses, hydroponics, and broad field applications (pelleted/granulated and liquid forms)
V-TOL Aerospace Pty LimitedBrisbaneunmanned robotic technology aimed at improving Australia's 'core' economic sector outcomes

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  1. markxavier says:

    Great to see things are shaping up well. Look forward to experiencing Israel and more importantly learning how it does innovation. I’m sure a true eye opener.

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