Summer in the UK

  1. York Gate gardens in Adel

    Having lived in the UK for a few years in the late noughties, I am aware of what summer is like. There was one year, maybe 2008 when summer happened on May 25! This year I’ve started my UK trip in Leeds where I arrived to 14 degrees at the most miserable Leeds-Bradford airport. Today though we’ve hit a high of maybe 23 degrees c. So many people about with so little on, pub gardens doing a roaring trade, and Hyde Park here near the various Leeds unis a paradise for the students with their supermarket bbqs and picnic blankets. In the north, where it’s grim most times, it is still grim. Entrepreneurial endeavours occur but they’re not obvious, well not to me. The high street in the towns I’ve driven through -Otley, Ilkley, Shipton, Bingley are all a bit mere (as my mother in law would say). Amongst those doing their piece to develop skills are Spoons, a tearoom in Cullingworth, and the cafe and gardens at York Gate Garden in Adel. But while the very local is good, there are limits. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s building in London at Tech Week. In these troubled times in the UK there needs to be outward focussing entrepreneurs who are willing to grow the economy outside the traditional and local.

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