Beachy & Bushy introduce the mission

Mic Black ("Beachy" from the Sunshine Coast) introduces Startu...

First video message from Mic Black ("Beachy" from the Sunshine Coast).Come join us, Beachy and Bushy (Jarryd Townson from Mackay), for an exciting journey to the other side of the world to explore Denver, Boulder, San Francisco and Silicon Valley as part of the Startup Catalyst Community Leaders mission. We'll be meeting some incredibly interesting and thought leading people and video blogging as much of the experience as we can as we promote collaboration between our communities and theirs.It'll be hectic and fun, and we'll have a great opportunity to voice your questions back home. Just use the hashtag #BeachyandBushy in your social feeds and we'll set to task on bringing your questions to the people we meet.Massive thanks to Advance Queensland for kicking the can for our accommodation and itinerary and to Startup Catalyst for organising the whole adventure.

Posted by Beachy & Bushy on Friday, January 27, 2017

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