Our Facebook visit

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Insights from our Facebook visit:

1. Move fast and break things. Here we have only one mission “connect the world” we don’t get distracted by anything else such as self driving cars.

2. The dilemma is whether to Discourage change in the interest of stability or allow change to happen as often as it needs to? In Facebook we are all about change. The business requires change.

3. We are not done. We can’t say we’ve made it let’s be happy. If we do that in a year we’ll be gone and people will be like “remember Facebook? That was cute. “.

4. The worst way to deal with competition is by reacting to them. If Facebook reacted to every possible competition that came out and had let us drive us, we’d be dead now. The worst way you can respond to competition is to let them drive you.

5. Done is better than perfect.

6. We don’t have a blame game here, every one makes mistakes. What we do is find out what happened, why it happened and how can we make sure it never happens again. We don’t have the culture to blame a person or yell at them.

7. Methods for team making: most of what you’re going to do if you’re building on startups is to connect people and get them work on the most important problem.

8. What we see a lot here is that people come up with a solution and try to fit it to a problem. Our best people try to solve a problem.

9. How do you tune yourself? This is the most important thing. People leave managers they don’t leave companies.

Figure out your strengths and weaknesses: build many feedback loops.

Get a mentor and get a Coach.

10. Read the book: Incognito – the secret lives of the brain.

11. Observation is very important get really good at it.

12. Make sure you ask good questions. Journalism ‘five Ws’ is a good framework. This is a great skill for a manager to acquire. For me as a manager I have to master it because in a 30 min meeting I need to ask the important questions that make me be able to solve problems. Always be asking why.

13. Listening – to be a good manager you need to be a brilliant listener. So often people talk past each other, they pay no attention to what the other person is saying.

Deeply listening is understanding someone to the point of almost feeling how they are feeling. So if they are feeling angry you feel anger. It’s about putting your own agenda aside (how many times do you argue with your bf/gf and each person has their own agenda and talk past each other instead of listening and feeling what the other person is feeling). Manipulation is an agenda, controlling is an agenda, etc.

14. One person doesn’t create the dynamic, you both do.

15. In Australia for startups there’s a lot of ambition, drive and talent but what’s in shortage is experience. I think in Australia you do need to surround yourself by people that have experience in startups.

16. Read the book Crucial conversations.

17. The difference between a poor manager and a good manager is that a poor manager likes to be in control and for the team to have high dependence on leader for guidance and direction.

18. Vision, goals, outcomes are extremely important. Know their difference and set them properly.

19. The best book on decision making “sources of power: how people make decisions”- read it!



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