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Today we met Sid Maestro, developer relations manager at Zero. Sid’s advice for startups:

1. Xero founders would go to people and accountants and would ask them “show me how you do your books”. They did their market research, a lot of startups don’t do that and they go straight to coding.

2. Culture is something any startup should think about. I recommend watching Simon Sinek’s TedTalk. One of his best quotes is “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”.

If you get the culture right, most of the other stuff will just take care of itself

At Xero our culture is based on:
#Ownership – we will make the customer happy and care about them. When you demonstarate ownership you show customers you care.

#Champion – taking up the cause in something and trying to drive it forward.

#Challenging – speak up if you think someone is doing something that impacts partners/customers in an adverse way. And also always challenge decisions.

#Beautiful – whenever you are in contact with a customer – from phone calls to emails to billboards – it needs to be done in beautiful way.

#Human – make connections with partners and customers and get things resolved in a human way, not with an automated response.

3. Whenever you think about your customers, think what value they find in your product that they want to pay for. Customers don’t pay for your product because you’re a great salesman or you tricked them. They do it because they see what you see and that resonates with them. They believe your vision and they think it’s useful for them, It’s what they’ve wanted.

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