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Today we visited Atlassian and here are some of the most memorable insights:

1. We don’t treat our company values as after thoughts. They underpin every decision we make, and they mean everything to us.

Our values:
– build with heart and balance (make decisions, move fast, use your heart, use your gut and at the same time don’t wear yourself out).
– don’t @”$& the customer.
– be the change you seek (take initiatives and change things).
– open company, no bullshit.
– play as a team.

Products come and go. Culture stays. When you make a company make sure you create good values that will shape your culture.

2. People from diverse backgrounds come with very different experiences. And so ensuring we have diversity in our company, helps us have empathy. So not just empathy with customers, but between people working together. And that makes us be able to make sure our products work for a large audience, and insights into how it works for each group.

3. For us we use a lot of data to make sure that our employees are happy. And we do whatever it takes to make them happy. It’s highly competitive to employ good people in SV, you have to make them happy.

4. Behind every great achievement, there’s a team. Teams are the core of human achievements.

5. We win with better product and cheaper price. Cheaper price is crucial for us because it allows of to reach a large volume of customers.

6. The question is, How do we keep our secret sauce as we grow? The answer is you keep adapting and keep changing. What remains the same is our values.

7. What we do to keep our values as we scale:

– Values driven recruiting:
*hiring tours
*Hack house (grads spend their first two weeks living together on the beach, and coding)
*Referrals (we give a $10,000 cheque if you refer someone and they get hired).

– Values driven recognition.

– Retention grants that we give to our top performers.

– and many more initiatives.

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