Silicon Valley Billboards

At first glance Silicon Valley looks like a village. For the Tech capital of the world and the centre of innovation, my expectation was that everything should be extremely technologically advanced, from buildings to cars and everything in between.

But as we were driving from the airport to our hotel, everything looked very jaw-droppingly village like. Boring old houses, old cars, what was so advanced about that?

But don’t let the looks fool you. The first clue to the fact that you have just set foot in a new world comes from the billboards. Oh the fantastically other worldly billboards.

So in Australia, we have billboards too. Typically they have a pretty looking lady lying on the couch with her perfectly handsome husband, laughing, and the ad reads something like “buy our couch because it makes you laugh and it gives you a perfect looking husband”. Not the case in Silicon Valley.

Here there were no images on the billboards, just simple text, reading “Ask your developer” or ” You know Java, PHP, Python, blah blah, now time to learn Spanish”. And there you go, that’s your first insight into where you have come. It shows you that you have just landed in another world where there’s such a large concentration of like minded people that they have completely changed the way of thinking in the world they’re living in, it revolves around them and their passion. And this is the single one thing that makes Silicon Valley different…

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