Pre-Trip Jitters


It’s the day before we get on a plane bound for San Francisco; typing that sentence gave me goosebumps.

I am beyond excited for the trip – one of our Youth leaders, Colin, recently sent through the Program Schedule and all the places marked out that we will be visiting. It’s gearing up to be an intense two weeks. I’m most excited for Startup Weekend, which is on the 5th day of the trip.

For this event we’ll be travelling to Santa Cruz, but as Peter, our other Youth Leader, has advised, we will not be spending it at their famous beaches. Instead, we will be using the twenty unique technical forces that are the chosen participants for the trip to pitch solutions surrounding the topic of “Sustainability” for Startup Weekend. You’ll have to stay tuned on our blog posts to know what eventuates of the three day long event, but I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Who knows, we might incubate the next idea that may change the way we think about the world’s resources.

Even though I am not even close to setting foot in America, I have already gained incredible insight and startup contacts through the Startup Catalyst program. We had Launch night a week and a bit back and it was awesome. Stephen Baxter opened the night beautifully, telling us the story of how he founded the organisation and where it was today. I mingled with Angel Investors, past alumni, high-profile sponsors and Venture Capitalists. In fact, I already have two coffee meet-ups with Startup Catalyst contacts when I get back regarding a potential project that I’ve been considering recently!

Of course there’s a distinct ‘elephant in the room’ when discussing a trip to America at the current time. It will certainly be interesting to observe the general state of the American people so shortly after the Presidential election. I suppose that is also something to be revisited and discussed when we are there in the flesh. Though, it would be nice if the AUD appreciated a little more so I can buy countless amounts of Nike and Apple products while there.

Countdown to the flight is about 12 hours. We will be blogging at least once a day, if not more, so this would be the best place to keep updated on the trip. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime and I honestly can’t wait.

– Kaitlyn Sapier, one of nineteen very excited 2016 SC Youth Mission participants

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