Youth Mission 2016 cohort announced

After a rigorous selection process, today we officially announce the 20 participants chosen for the 2016 Youth Mission to Silicon Valley.

The applicant pool

This year was the first time the program expanded nationally, and with an extended age limit from 18 to 29 (up from 25 years of age last year). As a result, we had 201 applications from across the country, of which 50 were interviewed, before we selected the final 20.

Applicants this year had an incredible mix of skill-sets and experience, from software engineering, to mechatronics, computer vision, data science, AI, machine learning, electronics, graphic design, UI, UX, drones, and much more.

Announcing the 2016 Youth Mission Cohort

The twenty selected participants are made up of 7 females and 13 males, aged from 19 to 29, with an average age of 24.5, spread across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

The twenty select participants for 2016 are:



The Mission Schedule

Each of the 20 participants now receives a scholarship to attend the Silicon Valley mission. Participants on the mission will visit the offices of global tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Atlassian, and Google, attend networking events with startup founders and student entrepreneurs, visit Stanford University, meet with fellow Australians who are running tech startups in the Valley, and take part in educational events to equip them with an understanding of what it takes to develop and launch a globally successful tech startup.


Our Mission Partners & Supporters

The mission is funded by our mission partners, including the QUT Business School, the University of Queensland, the University of Sydney, Technology One, Business Models Inc, the Government of South Australia, the QUT School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Queensland School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Griffith University, Data61, McCullough Robertson, CBR Innovation Network, Uber, and Vision6.



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