DAY 3: Amazon Web Services


Even with popularity of the “cloud”, the world still revolves around physical server infrastructure. But we’re on the verge of a major shift in the way this is approached.

The concept of ‘serverless’ infrastructure could be a game-changer for many startups and businesses.

Our visit to the AWS Loft in San Francisco began with an introduction to the Amazon Web Services by Matt Auerbach. Being a solutions architect, Matt’s explanations of specific services was insightful to those less experienced, but highly capable in our group. Scaling to the first 10 million users on AWS is becoming a more common goal for Australian startups, and very much a more easier and achievable these days.

“Even though scaling is something I don’t need to think about now, it’s amazing to see how much thought goes into making that stuff possible… and automatic for us.” – Mikey Sive

12074929_1079783545405100_7106574461182404903_nPeople may never quite understand what happens under-the-hood of these services, but you don’t need to. Amazon makes it so easy to scale so startup tech founders can focus on more important parts of the business.

Aside from the intense level of infrastructure that Amazon Web Services is known for, they also have public shared co-working spaces.

“It’s amazing to see Amazon provide a supportive network and loft workspaces for developers and not just solely focused on the tech” – Jack Hallahan

For those interested in getting onto AWS, they offer specialised services to help startups start and grow their business. Protip: check out auto-scaling on AWS for maintaining quality during peak traffic periods.

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