Day 3: Runway

Next to the twitter entrance in a massive building lies a competitive incubator called Runway.


Runway has an area in the building with 30,000 square feet of space for people to work in. In my opinion it is called runway because there is a wide “runway” for the walking area like in the picture.




This Incubator has large companies sponsoring them, which helps out with contacts and other methods to improve technology faster.


Joe Vasquez, the organiser of Runway, gave us the first presentation. He gave us insightful information on what Runway does for the startups that work there. Currently Runway provides desk space, mentorship for a monthly fee, without any equity.


This continued to the next presenters Phaden Stough, Mike Baukes and Alen Sharp-Paul. These guys, were the typical Aussie, well two of them. Scriptrock, the company founded by this group of people originally started in Sydney. Moved straight to the US due to limits in recourses.


Everyone from Catalyst was intrigued in this speech and tuned in very well, because it gave us ideas and knowledge of how to go about starting our own company in the future in Australia.


Hugh Geiger was very nervous at first but got into a rhythm and was confortable to talk to us in the end. He had started a company in Brisbane and new Steve before coming to SF. Hugh got us to understand what he was involved in when he started his company, and the difference between Australian startups and American startups. Always said Move fast break things.


Last of all Richard Caro talked about the financial issues of startups and how he goes around the issues of his investments. Runway was interesting because there was an after pizza party to get to talk to everyone and create contacts that we would never be able to do in Australia.

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