Day 1: XERO

We visited the Xero office in San Francisco. The Xero office was great – they have an impressive view from their balcony and had a great balance of serious and fun in their office space.


I think we were all pleasantly surprised by how interesting the visit to Xero was.

Most of us didn’t know what to expect at Xero — how interesting could accounting software really be?

From the moment we walked in, everything was insanely smooth and well organised. We had two talks in store for us, one from James Maiocco, ‎General Manager and one from Sidney Maestre, Developer Relations Manager US.

James’ talk was fascinating and particularly tailored to our Startup Catalyst group, which made it even more engaging. James went into detail about everything from venture capital, the rise of the micro investor, Xero’s history and transition from an NZ/AU market to a global market and the affects that has had and the impact of strategic pricing decisions.

Sidney took us through their product and some of Xero’s exciting new features. He also showed us how Xero is doing some exciting things with their Add-On marketplace to help make it easy for users to find the best add-on’s for their needs.

Both talks really stressed the importance of building a product that’s incredibly simple, clear and easy to use for continued success.

Overall, I think everyone was really impressed by how welcoming and open Xero was about talking to us about what they do and their journey to get there. It was really rewarding to have such a detailed discussion about such a wide range of topics. We walked out of Xero with a deeper understanding of their business and wanting to know more.

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