Day 1: Atlassian

Our middle session of Day 1 consisted of a visit to Atlassian which is located on Harrison Street in San Francisco. Atlassian is a software development company and they make (awesome) software for teams. For non-tech readers: Atlassian’s claim to fame is JIRA and Confluence.

Last summer I completed an internship in the Sydney Atlassian office and was fortunate enough to meet some of the San Francisco team whilst I was there. I reached out to my connections and was able to organise for our group to have a tour and a presentation.

When we arrived at the office we waited in the lobby and ate complimentary Hershy’s (mmm). Initially we were given a tour around the office which was interesting. The office is laid out in a collaborative way and is certainly ergonomic. Along with a well designed office space, Atlassian also offers employees access to bike racks and free lunches. Atlassian also revealed that they are moving into a new location next year which is 3.5x the current location. The only disappointing thing about Atlassian was that we were unable to take photos inside.

We were given a presentation on Atlassian’s history, culture and products by Eric Wittman who is the dev tools general manager, whilst we ate fresh cookies. I think everyone found this interesting; I certainly did as the company has expanded quite a bit since I was working there. I did feel as though in parts it was a slight recruiting attempt – but I’m not complaining.

We were also spoken to by a girl named Anna who is an Australian that lives in San Francisco and works at Atlassian. It was interesting hearing her contrast between living and working in Australia compared with the states.

Finally, we were given swag (tshirts) and were on our way. I’m glad we were able to experience Atlassian whilst we were in San Francisco. Because we are all mostly software developers, the Atlassian tools are a staple which most of us use on a daily basis, thus visiting Atlassian was very cool.

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