The Adventure Begins

If you aksed me a year ago what a tech startup was, I woulnd’t really have know. Since catching the startup bug at my first startup weekend a few months ago, I have been an intern at the Silicon Lakes startup incubator, learning everything I can about the startup process and getting involved in the queensland startup community. Now in less than a week I will be travelling to the heart of startup culture and home to the biggest tech companies on the planet, Silicon Valley.

The trip is part of Startup Catalyst, an initiative that aims to take 20 technically minded and entrepreneurially sprited young people from queensland and immerse them in the culture of Silicon Valley. This adventure is an amazing opportunity for us to meet and learn from leaders in the tech industry and gain a unique (to Australia) global perspective on technology and it’s place in the modern world. Not mention get a few ticks on the bucket list with tours of Google, Facebook and Apple on the agenda.

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